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Audrey Root

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I moved to West Virginia in 2006 from South Florida. I had visited the area and fell in love with it. I chose to make West Virginia my forever home. I had gotten originally gotten my real estate license in Florida at 19 years old. I had not bought my first home yet! I really did not know what I was doing and felt it. I went for a different career path for the next 10 years, then moved to West Virginia to have a safer environment to raise children. I got a job at the post office almost immediately, and I carried mail in this great state for 7 years. I learned a lot of the area and met a lot of great folks. After a life changing event, I found myself needing a career. One that I could be flexible enough for my kids and yet still provide for them. At this point, I had bought 7 homes and remodeled a few of them. Yes, I actually physically remodeled (with help of course). I know homes. It has always been my passion. I was called to go back to real estate. I received my West Virginia real estate license in under three weeks after starting the course. I jumped in both feet running and I have not looked back since. I have been a full time realtor since 2016.In 2019 I found myself third in sales as a Harrison county realtor. I love what I do, and the part I love the most is helping first time home buyers learning the process and helping them home.


I have a blended family. I was recently engaged and set to marry Jul 5, 2020 in St. Augustine Florida! I have three children, Dylan, Bailey, and Evan. My Fiance Josh has two boys, Grant and Brent. We never have a dull moment and are going in all kinds of different directions, but I would not want it any other way! 


If this is your move to West Virginia, I hope you love our great state as I. Welcome and I am here to help!

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