Common Real Estate Terms Everyone Needs to Know

When you work in real estate, you learn numerous terms and they become part of your everyday vocabulary. Unfortunately, this professional jargon can be a little overwhelming, especially for first-term home buyers. As always, Landmark Realty Services strives to go above and beyond for our valued clients. Our wonderful, highly-trained REALTORS are happy to answer any questions you may have. So, what are some of the terms you might hear when you buy or sell a home? 1. Buyer’s Agent vs. Seller's Agent Buyer's Agent A buyer’s agent simply is the agent representing the buyers. The buyer’s agent has a legal and moral responsibility to represent the interests of those purchasing a home--not those se

The seller backed out. Now what?

You have a signed contract to purchase a home. You've begun the tiresome process of obtaining a loan, hired professionals for inspections, and are continuing to fulfill your obligations written out in the contract...and then, you get a call. The seller is backing out of the sale. It rarely happens, but occasionally, sellers will decide that they do not want to sell their homes--even after both the buyer and seller have signed a sales contract. If this happens to you, what are your options as a buyer? 1. Read the sales contract very carefully. Many sales contracts, and most state laws, provide buyers with a “right of rescission,” but very rarely do sellers have these same rights. If both par

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