One KEY component in getting your home SOLD!

Nearly all home sellers know that their home’s condition, square footage, amenities, location, and price are all major factors that will determine how quickly they will be able to sell their home and what the selling price will ultimately be. Unfortunately, many sellers often overlook probably the most important factor in the selling process--access. Access. Access. Access. Sells Your Home! Access Is Vitally Important Imagine deciding that you want to purchase a new car. You drive to a dealership on a Saturday morning and walk around the lot searching for that perfect car. Once you find a vehicle at the right price and with all of the features you want and need, you notice that the dealershi

"Motivated Sellers"

If you’re in the process of searching for a house to purchase and want to buy the “most home for the money,” you may want to begin your pursuit with homes owned by “motivated sellers.” What Is a Motivated Seller? Simply put, a motivated seller is a homeowner who is overly eager to sell his or her home. For whatever reason, whether it’s a financial need or just the peace of mind knowing that the home has sold, a motivated seller NEEDS to sell his or her home. With that being said, there are a lot of good reasons why a homeowner needs to sell his or her property. If the seller has already purchased a new home and has moved, a second mortgage payment may be creating a financial bind. Perhaps th

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