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Hilary Leon

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Hometown: Salem, WV

Current town: Salem, WV

Education: University of Nebraska College of Law - Juris Doctorate.
Favorite Activities: travel, take family vacations, support her children while they play soccer, basketball or swim.


Hilary has been a Realtor since 2005.




"One of the many reasons I like being a Realtor is because I like learning about people’s lifestyles and  helping them find houses that they can turn into their homes." 


         Hilary was raised in Salem, West Virginia and spent the summers of her childhood with her father in New York City. She also spent nine years in Nebraska where she earned her Bachelor of Arts - undergrad and a Juris Doctorate at the University of Nebraska College of Law. 

         Hilary is member of the DC Bar, Associate Professor at Salem University and owns & manages rental properties in addition to being a REALTOR®.  She currently resides in Salem with her family and is a proud mother of three beautiful children. 



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