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Getting your home sold for top dollar in our priority. Contact one of our Real Estate Experts today to get started! 

Tips for selling your home.

Meet with your trusted real estate agent: A Realtor® can save you a lot of time and energy by guiding you through the pre-listing phase. We are there to serve you and help you decide if listing your home is the right option.

Make Repairs: Once you have decided that, repairing anything that needs some fixing can make your home feel ready to buy. Some quick repairs can be done by you like putting on a fresh coat of paint, fixing up the lawn, replacing any lighting, etc. Other problems can be done by a home professional such as plumbing, roof repairs, and water damage. Whatever seems problematic, make sure it gets taken because it will definitely speed up the selling process of your home.

Price correctly: Listing your home at the proper market value is critical to selling your home within a reasonable time frame. Be cautious of making decisions based on valuations online and instead use your agent’s in-depth knowledge of the local area as a resource.

De-clutter: If your house is cluttered or filled with personal mementos, it can be more difficult for a buyer to picture themselves living there. 

Professional photography: The modern-day home search almost always starts online and first impressions are very important. Landmark specializes in real estate photography to show your home in the best light.

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