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The Landmark Difference

Over the past few months, while developing profiles for our website, we have asked our Realtors two questions we are often asked by our many valued clients: “Why did you decide to become a real estate agent?” and “What makes Landmark ‘different from other companies?’”

These may seem like very simple questions, but they are questions for which we received similar and sometimes, very different answers from our agents. We thought these answers were interesting and very telling about the quality and passion of our agents.

1. Why did you decide to become a real estate agent?

As for the first question, a few of our agents said that real estate is something that they’ve been interested in doing for many years--for a few, even their entire adult lives. Some agents said that they’ve always loved visiting different homes; seeing varied designs and features, while others, alluding to their background in home design, construction, or architecture, said they viewed “real estate” as the next logical step in their careers.

Every agent, though, also mentioned a sincere desire to help people find the perfect home or sell their current home. This clearly was the driving force behind why Landmark's agents chose real estate as a profession.

While you may not always find the desire to help people at other agencies, Landmark carefully selects Realtors who sincerely want to help others. We think it shows in the quality work we do every day with our clients.

When asking this question, one answer we never received was “money.” This speaks volumes about the type of people we have working at Landmark. For the agents at Landmark, working in real estate is a passion, not merely a job that pays the bills.

2. What makes Landmark different?

As for the second question, “What makes Landmark ‘different,’” we received nearly identical answers.

Our agents said that the way Landmark treats them, as well as the manner in which we treat our valued clients, makes us a very special place to work. They also mentioned the great care we take with our clients.

They all said that Landmark treats clients and agents like “family.” A couple of our agents mentioned that they had actually worked at other agencies and saw an immediate difference when they started at Landmark. Several agents started their real estate careers with Landmark and have never wanted to work anywhere else.

Landmark has always embraced a “family-friendly” environment. Creating and maintaining this environment is very important to the owner's and to all the agents associated with Landmark. One agent even mentioned bringing her recently-born child to the office and seeing other agents pitch in to help watch her child when she had to meet with a client!

We took the time to ask our agents these questions and many other questions about their diverse backgrounds and experiences, because we wanted to not only learn more about them but we also wanted our clients to know as much as possible about the wonderful people who work at Landmark!

In learning more about our team of Realtors, we gain an insight into the collective “us,” that is Landmark Realty, and why people should choose Landmark to meet their individual real estate needs.

Call us today at 304-842-5298 to schedule an appointment. Whether you are searching for your dream home or selling your home, you will see the difference every day at Landmark Realty Services!

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