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One KEY component in getting your home SOLD!

Nearly all home sellers know that their home’s condition, square footage, amenities, location, and price are all major factors that will determine how quickly they will be able to sell their home and what the selling price will ultimately be. Unfortunately, many sellers often overlook probably the most important factor in the selling process--access.

Access. Access. Access.

Sells Your Home!

Access Is Vitally Important

Imagine deciding that you want to purchase a new car. You drive to a dealership on a Saturday morning and walk around the lot searching for that perfect car. Once you find a vehicle at the right price and with all of the features you want and need, you notice that the dealership is closed. Unless the dealership is the only one available in your entire area, you will most likely simply walk back to your car and drive to another dealership that is open!

This is why car dealerships are nearly always open on Saturdays--because that’s when people have the time to search for and purchase cars.

The same can be said for selling homes: Your “lot” (home) needs to be open at times people are interested in buying. This may mean you will need to be flexible with your schedule to accommodate potential buyers.

When Do Buyers Want to See Your Home?

Buyers want to view homes when they have time. For various buyers, this may be at different times, which means that the easier you make it for potential buyers to see your home at a time that is convenient for them, the faster it will typically sell – and for more money!

Today’s consumer is much less patient than the consumer of even two or three decades ago. With the advent of the internet, customers are accustomed to “instant” purchases, as compared to years ago when they waited days or even weeks after ordering from a catalog.

Most buyers have more free time on evenings and weekends to view homes, but many potential home buyers only have time to visit homes during the week. For example, a young professional who has been transferred to our area by her employer may be allowed during work time to look at homes, but may travel two or three hours away to take care of other issues on the weekends, including selling her existing house or packing. For this potential buyer, “Thursday morning at 9 a.m.” may be the only time she has that entire week to view a home, which means that if the home isn’t available at that time, she may decide to view other homes and skip yours all together.

If you want to sell your home quickly in today’s real estate market, you will need to provide easy access to your home so that potential buyers can see your home--when they want to see it!

Levels of Access

As a home seller, you can provide your REALTOR and potential buyers with different levels of access. What are the levels of access you can provide potential buyers?

1. Lockbox on Door/Key Availability

The top level of access is when a seller allows a lockbox on the door or provides a key to the realtor. This provides almost immediate access to a home and means potential buyers can view a home at nearly any time with their REALTOR.

2. Open Access with Phone Call

This is when a seller requires just a phone call’s notice to allow access to the home. Again, this level of access can allow nearly immediate access to potential buyers.

3. By Appointment Only

“By appointment only” means that the showing must be scheduled with advance notice. The notice typically can vary from an hour or two to even one or two days. If the seller’s schedule and the potential buyer’s schedule cannot be coordinated, then the buyer may decide to look elsewhere. Of course, requiring less notice is better--if you want to do everything possible to sell your home quickly!

4. Limited Access

A few home sellers will decide that their home will only be available certain days of the week or only at certain times. This severely limits potential home buyers, especially those who only have specific times that they can visit homes because of work or family commitments.

Call Landmark Realty Services!

If you are searching for a new home, or hoping to sell your current one, call Landmark Realty Services at 304-842-5298. As a third-generation, family-owned company, we have the proven experience to help you--whether you are buying or selling a home.

We are always happy to provide our wonderful clients with easy “access” to our expertise--every step of the process!

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