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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Those of us who work at Landmark Realty Services are firm believers in the golden rule. Whether helping a client reach his or her real estate goals or giving back to the community, we always strive to treat people the way we would want to be treated.

Those of us working at Landmark sincerely enjoy spreading positive energy to everyone we serve and everyone who serves us! All the positive energy around our office got us to thinking...what if we were all especially nice this Holiday season? What if we all consciously worked to be kinder to others, even if it were for just the next few weeks?

Imagine how much better our community, state, and even our country would be if we were all just a little nicer and more appreciative this Holiday season!

Want to join us? Here are a few things that we can all do to make the Holidays brighter and happier!

Be a More Courteous Driver

With bumper-to-bumper traffic prevalent this time of year, other drivers are so appreciative when we let them out into traffic that they often return the favor to someone else. Try to see how many “thank you” waves you can receive back from other drivers in the next few weeks!

If you’re driving on the interstate in the passing lane and see a vehicle blocked behind a truck that is struggling to make it up one of our hills, don’t speed up to keep the unfortunate driver blocked. Slow down a little to allow the other driver sufficient space to pass the much slower truck. Make someone else’s day by showing how courteous West Virginia drivers truly are!

Give Back to Others

There’s nothing more gratifying this time of year than giving back to others. Donating warm clothes and gloves to your local homeless shelter or local nonprofit can warm someone’s body and your heart. Donating food to your local food pantry can help provide much-needed nutrition to those who may have little to eat this Holiday season.

Think about helping to make the season a little brighter for area young people by supporting Toys for Tots or one of the Angel Tree programs. Be a positive role model for your children or grandchildren and give back to those in need by ensuring you have spare change or a few extra dollars when you walk by the Salvation Army kettles outside of many stores during the Holiday season.

There are other ways you can give back, depending on your financial situation. Paying for the family in the vehicle behind you at a fast food drive-thru will help spread Holiday goodwill. Anonymously paying for the meals of those who proudly and bravely serve our nation and community (i.e., Armed Forces, National Guard, police, fire fighters, etc.) will also help to spread good cheer and appreciation for those who serve.

There are other people who serve us, too, including those working in restaurants and our dependable mail person. Leave an extra large tip for your favorite server and a “thank you” note, gift card, or a tray of cookies for others who provide you with quality service throughout the year.

Don’t forget your neighbors and family. Baking treats and taking them to your neighbors will show them how much you care and appreciate them. If you’re visiting elderly family, take food to them instead of expecting them to spend all day cooking for you.

Here’s another great idea to give something back: Leave an inspiring book at a fast food restaurant or at a bus stop or park bench. Leave a nice note inside, asking the lucky person finding the book to “pass it on” to someone else who might need a little inspiration this Holiday season.

Stopping on your walk to help a neighbor shovel snow from a sidewalk or driveway is an unexpected but much appreciated gift. Lastly, one of the best and most rewarding ways to give back is by volunteering. Whether volunteering at a children’s hospital, your local animal shelter or homeless shelter, you will be helping others, which will leave you with a wonderful, warm feeling in your heart -- the greatest gift you can ever receive.

Be More Courteous

Two words that aren’t used enough in the English language are, “Thank you.” If you want to spread good cheer this Holiday season, make these two words your “go-to” saying to everyone who serves you in any way. Even if you can’t afford to buy or make anything for anyone else, this simple act of human kindness can mean so much to others who might be having a bad day. Spread these words of appreciation around as if you are throwing candy from a float in a Christmas parade! Make sure everyone receives some of your kindness. Opening the door for someone else is also a gesture of kindness that is appreciated and underutilized today.

Want to brighten someone’s day by doing something positive that won’t cost you a cent? Give someone a sincere compliment! A single mother having a terrible day at work may have tears of happiness in her eyes if you tell her that she’s been the friendliest, most efficient waitress you’ve had in quite some time. Look for every opportunity to offer sincere compliments to others this Holiday season!

Be Kinder on Social Media

For many, social media is their most prevalent daily interaction with others. To spread more good cheer this Holiday Season, purposefully be kinder on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t feel as if you have to respond to every post with which you disagree. If someone posts an opinion that’s different than yours, don’t feel as if you must respond. Remember, the post is just someone else’s opinion!

Would you like to begin using social media to spread a lot more positive energy this Holiday season? Pick five or ten of your favorite people and post something nice about them, how much they mean to you, and how much they do for others. A single positive post on someone’s Facebook timeline can often result in dozens (if not hundreds) of other, positive, thankful posts. Imagine how much more powerful social media would be if this became a nationwide trend! Make a conscious effort to make friends, family, and co-workers feel wonderful this Holiday season on social media.

Call Landmark Realty Services

As a third-generation, family-owned business, we have been truly blessed to serve wonderful clients and to make so many great friends in North Central West Virginia. If you ever need help achieving your real estate goals, give us a call at 304-842-5298. We are here to help.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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