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What Sets Landmark Apart?

What Sets Landmark Apart from Other Real Estate Brokerages in North Central West Virginia?

We are often asked by potential clients, “Why should we choose Landmark Realty Services instead of another brokerage?”

This is actually a great question. If there is one word that separates us from other agencies it is “family.”

Landmark Realty Services is a family-owned business. Landmark’s story begins nearly 40 years ago when Joan Hooker-Bishop began her career with Town and Country Real Estate. Her son, Timothy Hooker, started working with her and later founded, owned, and brokered Landmark Realty Services in 1997. Mother and son worked side by side in their small, family owned and operated firm, quickly making Landmark a household name in North Central West Virginia because of their hard work and strong commitment to treating all clients like family.

In 2013, Tim’s daughter and Joan’s granddaughter, Sarah Elliott, joined the family business. Working together, this trio, along with their valued agents, paved the way for Landmark to become a well-established business in the community.

Sadly, Tim passed away in January 2016 at age 58 and is missed by everyone who knew him. To know Tim was to love him. Tim’s hard work and legacy has continued on through the mission of Landmark and in the hearts of all the people who had the please of knowing and working with him.

We hear from people in the community all of the time how well Tim treated others, whether it was the first time they had met or if they had known each other for years. Nearly every single week we hear from someone in the area who tells us how wonderful Tim truly was.

If you walk through the doors of Landmark today, you will find Joan and Sarah working alongside our valued clients and caring agents, ensuring that Tim’s dream of a small, family owned brokerage helping people find their way home remains intact.

Landmark’s focus has been and always will be on our valued clients. Our clients speak with a member of the Landmark team when they call our office. They will never reach an automated answering service – unless our office is closed or we’re out of the office serving other clients. But even then, our clients have our cell phone numbers so they are able to reach us.

Continuing Tim’s example, we treat all people with honesty, fairness, and respect. In every area of real estate, our high service standards remain the cornerstone of our business. We respect the fact that our clients have numerous choices when it comes to listing or buying a property. Excellent service may be old-fashioned and difficult to find in today’s fast-paced world, but we believe it should never fall out of style! We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of professional representation and personal service.

Landmark’s success can be seen in the smiles of our many happy clients, as well as, our wonderful agents. Very few clients who have used Landmark once ever choose another brokerage when they buy or sell a property. Most of our Realtors have been with Landmark for 10 years or more. They stay because they are treated, well, like family, and also because they want to work for a company committed to providing exemplary service to its clients. We are very selective in hiring our agents, and it shows in the way our clients are treated.

If you choose us for your real estate needs, you will quickly discover that Landmark is different from other brokerages in the area, but in a very good way. We treat our clients like “family” every step of the buying and selling process. It’s been this way since Tim first opened our doors in 1997 and it will continue to be this way as long as Landmark is in existence. Tim would have it no other way.

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