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Why You Should Rethink Waiting Until Spring to List Your Home

With snow on the ground and cold temperatures expected for at least a few more weeks, many homeowners think that now is not the time to list their home.

They often wait until March or April, thinking that more buyers will be searching for homes after Spring arrives, which is typically true. What homeowners often don’t consider is the law of supply and demand and the fact that potential buyers are searching for homes year-round today. The market has definitely changed.

Here are a few factors to consider if you’re thinking about waiting until Spring to list your home:

Law of Supply and Demand

Sure, there are a lot more people searching for homes in the spring, but there are also exponentially more homes on the market once warmer weather arrives. Your home will stand out more when there are fewer homes on the market! If the demand is moderate but the supply is very low, this typically means higher selling prices. That may mean more money in your pocket.

People Still Need Homes in the Winter

Companies tend to place or relocate employees during the first quarter--every winter. In the North Central West Virginia area alone, with new businesses opening every day and large corporations and government agencies transferring hundreds of people in and out of our area, there are always people searching for and needing homes. Your home may be the perfect home for one of these newcomers desperately searching, but they will never know your home is available unless you list it.

More Serious Buyers in the Winter

Why would anyone take the time to visit two or three homes when it’s snowing and very cold? Because they are serious about buying a home! Our experience has been that people visiting homes in the winter are often more serious about purchasing. Once warmer weather arrives, a few more of those potential buyers tend to be “Lookie Loos,” those who are either looking at design ideas for their existing homes or are visiting homes almost as a recreational, weekend activity. When people visit homes in the winter, they’re typically very serious about buying!

The Market Has Definitely Changed

With the ability to view homes online, more people are searching for homes in the winter than ever before--and as soon as we have a couple days of warm weather, even those who hate winter are scheduling home viewings. With each passing decade and the mild winters our area has had in recent years, we are seeing a changing trend that the prime real estate season is getting closer and closer to the first of the year.

Be the First to Market!

Listing your home in the winter can give you a distinct market advantage once warmer weather arrives for good. It takes several days and even a couple of weeks to get your home listed, to have pictures taken to showcase your home, and for your full listing to appear online and in printed publications. If you wait until March or April, your home will be competing with other homes--homes that are already on the market with complete listings and strong, effective marketing efforts to get them sold.

If You’re Thinking About When You Should List Your Home . . .

Call Landmark Realty Services today at 304-842-5298. We will take the time to answer all of your questions and help you to make an informed decision. As a small, family-owned brokerage, Landmark Realty provides personalized service and treats all of our clients like family.

Give us a call at 304-842-5298 to experience the Landmark difference!

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